Tuesday, November 19, 2019


3/8" Thick Treads (3)

Capacity: 475 - 9000 lbs.
Wheel Diameters: 3 1/4" - 20"

1" Thick Treads (3)

Capacity: 3500 - 7800 lbs.
Wheel Diameters: 8" - 12"

Specialty (3)

Capacity: 300 - 5900 lbs.
Wheel Diameters: 4" - 10"

Polyurethane Wheels
Carries higher capacities than rubber, outwears rubber and offers floor protection and quiet operation. Liquid cast in 3/8" or 1" thicknesses on cast iron, aluminimun, or forged steel.

Increasingly popular and growing in variety, these wheels also offer great floor protection, easy rolling, and quiet operation. They are available in a multitude of tread thicknesses, wheel sizes, bearing options, and a wide variety of standard chemical compounds to cover many industrial applications.

Since not one specific polyurethane is universally best, it warrants some investigation and scrutiny to determine the optimum wheel for a given application. Product descriptions and test results are available to assist in selection.
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